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Product overview:
      HT - BLBX3600 series portable oil filter machine is suitable for the suction, and conveying, filter, hydraulic oil, edible oil, diesel, kerosene and kinematic viscosity under 68 CST all kinds of lubricating oil, for all kinds of hydraulic system and lubricating system for perfusion filter and regular maintenance, also can be installed in the system for bypass filter.
      The blade pump of ht-blbx3600 series of portable oil filter adopts special structure and special seal, has good self-absorption performance, and can work under special conditions. Key components - engineered plastic leaves are made of special formula and process, which have good oil resistance, abrasion resistance, flexure and long service life. Compared with other types of equipment of its unique advantage: need not to pump in oil before starting work, free to pump, transmission oil, at the same time afraid of oil pollution and general sundry, not afraid of the pipe into the air, therefore, is suitable for cleaning, lubricating oil tank filling this product is the best choice.
Product features:
1. The refillable water filter element can be dehydrated 500g.
2. Large displacement, small volume, light weight and convenient movement.
3. The color of small bulk order coating can be selected arbitrarily.
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