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    Automatic vacuum oil filter machine is designed according to the principle of oil and water boiling point is different, it is composed of vacuum heating the fine filter tank, condenser, primary filter, tank, vacuum pump, row oil pump and electric cabinet. It is characterized by the difference in evaporation temperature between oil and water. When the water oil enters into a vacuum tank that is pumped into a high vacuum, the water evaporates rapidly into the steam body and is pumped out by the vacuum pump. After treatment, the oil solution is filtered out by a high vacuum pump. In order to complete the process of removing impurities, water and gas in the oil quickly, the clean oil can be removed from the oil outlet.
      Vacuum filter is widely used in power plant, power station, power company, transformer industry, railway, petrochemical, metallurgy, etc. To unqualified transformer oil, transformer oil, breaker oil, capacitor oil, cable oil, high voltage switch oil, such as insulating oil, oil can be quickly and efficiently out of harmful material such as water, gas, mechanical impurities, improve flash point and pressure values.
     The vacuum oil filter can remove free water and dissolved water in the oil and ensure the long-term safe and stable operation of the equipment. However, its dehydration efficiency and operational reliability are greatly influenced by the equipment design level. The dehydration efficiency of a good design product can reach a high level of dehydration at 3% moisture content, which can completely meet the needs of turbine oil, anti-fuel oil and transformer insulation oil.
      Different liquids have different saturated vapor pressures. Under the temperature of 70 ℃, about 30000 pa pressure water begins to boil, and oil in low pressure to boil 5 pa. At the same temperature, the saturated vapor pressure of oil is much lower than that of water. Therefore, the water in the oil will be greatly gasified when the pressure of the liquid level is reduced to the saturated vapor pressure of the water, and it will overflow from the oil in the form of steam.
     Through vacuum suction, the oil from the top into the vacuum tank and through the nozzle spray, the moisture in the oil in the vacuum chamber gasification by a pump, in addition to the oil after water discharge from the bottom. In the central of the vacuum chamber filled with oil wet material, make spray down oil dispersed in the surface of the filler material to form a thin oil film, by augmenting the liquid two phase interface area, and prolong the time duration of the oil in the gas phase space.
Product features:
【 application 】The purification of turbine oil and transformer oil.Water removal and impurities filter for hydraulic lubricating oil.
The cleanliness of the hydraulic lubrication system is improved.
main function】
Dehydration, degassing, removing mechanical impurities, more customer requirements can be selected fiber filter core and metal membrane filter element. The metal membrane filter can be regenerated.
working medium】
Turbine oil, hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, insulating oil, transformer oil, capacitor oil, compressor oil.
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