Lubricating oil purification equipment
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A new generation of high efficiency vacuum electrostatic integrated purification device

Invention patent no. : ZL201210148618.3

    Baoji hengtong electronics co., LTD. After many years of design practice successful development of a new generation of highly efficient integration of vacuum electrostatic purification plant compared with the traditional vacuum filter oil machine, with fast heating security, dehydration, energy-saving high efficiency, running low failure rate, high system integration of distinct advantage. Vacuum oil purifier is designed according to the principle of oil and water boiling point is different, it is composed of vacuum heating evaporation cans, fine filter, condenser, primary filter, tank, vacuum pump, row oil pump and electrical control cabinet. It is the characteristic of evaporation vaporization temperature difference between oil and water. When the water oil enters into the heated evaporating tank that is pumped into high vacuum, the water evaporates rapidly into vapor and is pumped out by the vacuum pump. After treatment, the oil liquid is filtered out by a high vacuum discharge pump through a multi-stage electrostatic filter. Thus the purification process of removing impurities, moisture and gas from oil is completed.

    A new generation of highly efficient vacuum filter oil machine adopts high power infrared heating mode, precise temperature control of processed lubricating oil heating (contact temperature 60-90 ℃), even if online operation for a long time to also won't be damage of lubricating oil additive, more will not affect the safe operation of the host.

   The rated power of the whole electric heater is only 10% to 30% of the traditional vacuum filter and 40% of the traditional vacuum filter. Lubricating oil water content more than 3% at the scene, or water may and sustained condition, and can lead to add hengtong company research and development of coalescence dehydration (turbine oil and insulating oil only) or pulse electric field dehydration unit, to ensure that equipment and efficient dehydration rate.

Product features:

1. Super security -- the exclusive use of infrared heating method in the industry, safe and efficient;

2. Super energy saving - compared with the traditional vacuum filter, 80% energy saving;

3. High speed dehydration -- compared with the traditional vacuum oil filter, it is 10 times faster than dehydration.

4, real-time online, very suitable for online operation, the oil temperature of 40 ℃ can rapid dehydration;

5. Innovative design -- innovative multi-dimensional heating mode, with a heat exchange area of up to 2-50 square meters;

6. Highly integrated - circulating pipeline is integrated in vacuum chamber, with neat appearance;

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